Welcome to Thrive, Shine and Live Blog

After much thought and meditation, asking the Universe and my Goddesses for help:

1. I have decided to revamp my blog. 

2. I have decided that I am also putting my Facebook partially to public. If I have posts that I feel will benefit others (information on sepsis, my belief system, Thrive and health related) I will make it public. Personal stuff will stay personal to friends only. 

3. I will be sharing recipes, my thoughts, music videos, YouTube Videos that I create, book reviews and more on the blog. 

4. I am speaking my truth unapologetically.

5. I am going to have more honest and open communications with others and let my walls down.

6. I am staying away from the “hot topics” such as C-19, politics and other things. I refuse to argue this any further and don’t give a shit what others say or do. Wear a mask or don’t who cares–it’s your personal choice. Go out or don’t go out who cares — it’s your personal choice. Republican or democrat or independent or Green Party who cares — it’s your personal choice. Christian, Wiccan, Pagan, Atheist, Buddhist, Muslim, Taoist…etc..who cares — it’s your personal choice. Black, white, blue, red, yellow, green, purple, pink….etc…who cares it’s your personal choice. Hetersexual, homosexual, bi-sexual, transgender…etc….who cares — it’s your personal choice. Vegan, carnivore…etch who cares –it’s your personal choice!! I think I made my point.

This is my stance now on those topics….you do you. I do me!! Live and let live!!

I am happy and looking forward to share my new blog with you all. I am happy to share myself with you all fully.

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